› End-User Agreement - governs the use of the Accelize site and platform for end-users

› Service Terms - additional terms that may apply to the use of Accelize services

› Marketplace Seller Agreement - governs use of the Accelize site and services, including sales through the Accelize platform

› Marketplace Listing Fees Schedule - governs the pricing of Accelize services

› Marketplace Enterprise Plan Agreement - information on Accelize’s tiered commission fees for eligible sellers

› Marketplace Reseller Authorization Form - for authorizing software resellers

› Xilinx App Store Agreement - governs use of Xilinx services and integration with Accelize, including sales through the Xilinx App Store

› Service Level Agreement - service and support specifications

› Acceptable Use Policy - permissible and prohibited uses of the Accelize services

› Trademark Use Guidelines - information regarding acceptable and authorized use of Accelize’s marks



› Privacy Policy - information on how Accelize may gather, use, disclose, manage, or process customer, end-user, and visitor information

› Data Processing Addendum - information on data processing activities subject to international regulations

› Sub-Processor Notice - information on third-parties that may process personal data on behalf of Accelize

› Privacy Shield Policy - information on Accelize’s adherence to prescribed privacy practices for personal data

› Cookies Policy - governs Accelize’s use of cookies

› Third-Party Cookies Notice - information on potential third-party use of cookies

› Interests-Based Ads Notice - information on the display of interest-based advertisements



› Stripe Connect Acount Agreement - governs the use of the Stripe Connect platform used to receive payments from end-users

› Stripe Payment Processing Fees - information on payment processing fees charged by Stripe